Incompatible Muzik is an independent Chicagoland label featuring music genres such as hip-hop, metal, electronic, acoustic & country as well as other genres of music that otherwise wouldn't necessarily be "compatible" with one another.

The common thread tying all these genres of music together is: Incompatible Muzik..

Incompatible Muzik is: Muzik 4 Compatible Listeners..

Co-owner, executive producer, engineer,country artist Greg Benson professionally known as "Super Producer GB" / Mr. Astor.
Co-owner, songwriter, lyricist, entertainer Marcus Zeigler professionally known as "Diamond Z" / The U Digsta
General Manager, (Dir.of Bros. Standing Together) Bro. Raymond Richard, "Ray Skay".
Director of Operations, Song writer, Country Artist- "Rocky Casarez"
Promtions Director- "Lindsay Kelley"


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